england water


Ozone is a natural gas in the atmosphere. Each ozone molecule is a chemical. compound that consists of three oxygen atoms and has higher energy. 03 has a powerful oxidant effect compared to 02. Ozone is strongly odorous, dangerous to inhalation, and blue colored. It is used as a bacteria, mould, ferment and virus killer because of its powerful oxidation and disinfection features in the drinkable water supplying plants.What is more, when water is ozonized, it loses its naturalness because of going through a chemical operation. On the other hand, ozone can change the taste of water because it changes its mineral compound. Ozone is a powerful oxidant.

If there is bromide in water, ozonization converts it to bromate. Bromate is a substance that is harmful to health.

In natural mineral waters, more than 50 microgram/Liter of ozone, more than 3 microgram/liter of bromate, and more than 1.0 microgram/Liter of Bromoform is unwanted. Levels above the limit values of the Ozone, Bromate and Bromoform are harmful to health.

Because of these reasons, in our bottling plant ozonization or any other chemical operations are not used and ELMACIK is brought to consumers in its pure and natural form just like it is at its source.