england water

The risk of contamination emerging at the 3 stages at a classic bottling plant has been removed by Elmacik's special pipe line and effectively designed bottling plant that is equipped with the latest technology. Using its high-tech facility which removes the need for human contact, ELMACIK is brought to consumers in its pure and natural form just like it is at its source. There is no human interaction or additional chemical processes to ruin its natural form, bringing pure, healthy and unprocessed water to you.

Turkish Ministry of Health has approved Elmacik as a "Natural Mineral Water" due to its minerals and nutricion facts. Elmacik Natural Mineral Water contributes to your health with its ideal pH value level of 7.96. Consuming 2.5 liters a day, meets your daily water needs and contributes to your daily mineral requirements. Its balanced mineral composition of 178.2 mg/L, having 0% bromate and usage of BPA-Free 5-Gallon water bottles makes it well suited for everyone and especially for mothers and babies. Elmacik is of the utmost naturalness, free from any chemical treatment or disinfection and all production lines are just a simple click away from you.