Elmacik Natural Mineral Water comes straight from the source at Golyaka in the Elmacik mountains in Hendek city, Sakarya province. The source is located above the residential areas at an elevation of 1,060 meters. The natural environment of the water source is fully protected, with no buildings or facilities that can cause water pollution in its neighbourhood.

Elmacik Natural Mineral Water Bottling Plant, which is built using the Latest technology, has an area of 70,000 m2 in total, with 12,500 m2 closed and 57,500 m2 open. The distance between the source of water and our plant is 10 km.

ELmacik is bottled using the latest technology with automated packaging systems and fully automatic machines without losing its naturalness. There is no human interaction or additionat processes to ruin its natural form, bringing pure, healthy and unprocessed water to you. Elmacik is presented to consumers as "Natural Mineral Water' in accordance with European Union Regulations.