It comes from Kartaltepe, from at a height of 1.800m in Sapanca / Adapazari full of fresh air and pines, trough stainless steel, hygienic pipes to Sirma water filling plants. Being filled using untouched fully automatic machines, it is transmitted to all the consumers in Turkey.

Sirma Water which takes its taste and nature from untouched pine forest presents perfect leniency and health together at 1.1 fr. It is controlled from the source of water to consumer plants in Sirma's own laboratories where its microbiology and chemistry can be checked. It is produced in each of Sirma's 40 water plants in hygienic conditions where the product is sealed in 0.33 litres with 12 and 24 packages; 0.50 litres with 12 and 24 packages; 1.5 litres with 6 and 12 packages; 5 litres with 4 packages; 10 litres with 2 packages; 19 litres with 2 packages.

Natural mineral water is important for human health. For healthy body functions, mineral water includes the minerals calcium, magnesium, sodium and chloride; and ions as bicarbonate and sulfate and also rare-earth elements fluoride, iron, iodine, selenium, copper, zinc at adequate rate. Because of those benefits drinking 2 bottles of mineral water in a day is advisable for human health.

Another significant health benefit to Sirma Water is that it is extremely (Na:1.8 mg/l) low in SODIUM in comparison to other water products.